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Born at the end of 2009, FATHER MERRIN is a French quartet with a style relying on the
heaviness of doom metal. However, the band doesn't set itself any limit, as evidenced by some brutal
vocals of his frontman.

CLEGANE is a trio of Francilian Doom born in 2015, venturing into the realm of the psyche and the grunge.

Mixing a palette of influences that go beyond the classical doom metal genre, the band  wanting to offer a versatile experience capable of bringing the listener into his heavy and hovering universe, but always in a desperate way.


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VOUS AUTRES is a Sludge / Black Metal french duo from Paris and Nantes composed by β (Vocals) and ₣ (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard). One year after the first EP "TRENTE PIÈCES D'ARGENT", here comes their first album « CHAMP DU SANG » Evolving towards a more melancholic and darker atmosphere, "CHAMP DU SANG" is a subtle mixture of obscure heaviness and lunar light. A full-round trip from sin to redemption, supported by scathing lyrics drawn from the contemporary world and the multiple delusions of human nature.

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