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For fans of  Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Triptykon.

At the dying hours of the justice of the Man, Presumption is enthroned in darkness.


For a decade, PRESUMPTION (Doom - France) has continued to evolve in line with influences such as Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Triptykon and Down.  Through a hundred concerts with Mars Red Sky, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Headcharger, Electric Taurus, The Bottle Doom Lazy Band or Barabbas and its previous EPs, the band has been reckless in propagating a macabre but attractive energy and atmosphere.

The lumbering and psychedelic riffs (Adrien & Marvin - Guitar & Backing Vocals) punctuated by the drummer's languorous beat (Anaël - Drums) and the judge's sentence (Moomoot –Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals) represent the essence of the group's motto: judging the insanity of men. From now on, the band's first album entitled "Presumption", signed with Sleeping Church Records, was released on November 17, 2017 and will contain 9 tracks. A clip will be presented in the coming months to illustrate one of the pieces from the LP.

This opus contains vocals sometimes crooked (Deadly Barrels), sometimes frightening (Presumption) and portrays the suffering that humans can endure (Atomic Fear) or inflict to each other (Pale Blue Horses). This deviance of mankind is also highlighted by concrete stories (Dr Satan) or literary works (Red Death) in which PRESUMPTION draws its source of inspiration.

In short, an enchanting tone demonstrating that mixing a doom atmosphere with heavy or death vocals can bring a consistent musical identity!


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