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ATOLAH _ Post Cross And Yoke [Stoner Doom Metal - Aus]


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2nd EP of ATOLAH recorded in 2012 and available for the first time on physical format. Relics, the first EP of the band released on PsycheDOOMelic Records in 2009 was added as bonus

Tracklist :

  1. Dead Leg
  2. Relics
  3. Down It Or Leave It
  4. Weedy Gonzales
  5. El Duce
  6. Post, Cross And Yoke
  7. Mood Brewer
  8. Focke-Wulfe

Formed in 2007 in Perth, Western Australia, ATOLAH and internationally by releasing their first acclaimed EP “Relics” via PsycheDOOMelic Records in 2009 and playing extensively in Australia, most of the time with bands of completely different genres to theirs stoner/doom scene in Western Australian back then. A few songs off “Relics” which are all instrumental - can be found on multiple compilations released via different labels/magazines. 

In 2010, the band relocated to The Netherlands and 2 new members were recruited. Vocals were also added to the new songs. In 2012, the band entered the Void Studio, ran by Pieder Kloos (The Blood Ceremony, Peter Pan Speedrock…) and recorded Post, Cross and Yoke, which was never released due to the band going on hiatus shortly after. Fast forward to 2020 and Pierre, the band’s founding member and main songwriter, resuscitated Atolah, this time in Melbourne, Australia. It is only in 2021 that new members were found: Clint (Hand of Doom Radio/Thaw) on guitar and Tim (Clagg).  

In 2021, Sleeping Church Records and Atolah decided to properly release “Post, Cross and Yoke” as a double EP bundle.

ATOLAH on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063619474900

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