Formed in June 2017 with a sound reminiscent of the Swedish pioneers, RITUALS quickly made a name for themselves delivering high quality live performances to Australian audiences.

October 2018 saw the band take that name a step further, with the worldwide release of their debut EP “NEOTERIC COMMENCEMENTS” on CD/digital through French label Sleeping Church Records.

Having received resounding praise from international media outlets such as Metalian magazine (FRA), Rock Hard magazine (FRA), and Zero Tolerance (UK), the band now has its sights set on the release of their much-anticipated follow-up "INVICTA".



Born at the end of 2009, FATHER MERRIN is a French quartet with a style relying on the
heaviness of doom metal. However, the band doesn't set itself any limit, as evidenced by some brutal
vocals of his frontman.

CLEGANE is a trio of Francilian Doom born in 2015, venturing into the realm of the psyche and the grunge.

Mixing a palette of influences that go beyond the classical doom metal genre, the band  wanting to offer a versatile experience capable of bringing the listener into his heavy and hovering universe, but always in a desperate way.