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VICTIMS - Lorn Echoes [Deathcore - CZ]

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Victims is a five piece band from Czech republic playing Deathcore according to their own taste. The band was formed in 2005, by lead guitarist Bronislav Jurik. Victims used to have a big problems as a lot of band in the world. The problem was to find a drummer. Victims were eventually forced to use an automatic drummer and it took long 5 years until they find someone. The big change came on the end of the year 2011 when Victims found a drummer, whereupon the band subsequently tempered its demands in terms of speed of music. Victims have always been known for their energetic show and specialy for their two singers who had no mercy with scream and growl. The biggest change in the band Victims happened on the begining 2015, when the band joined young powerfull people full of ideas it was a drummer Jiri Pinkas, Marek Puska - bass and last but not least, a man who has brought to the band a bit of electro, its Jan Kozel - synth (Kiss the sun). After long disagreements with one of the singers..victims were forced to say goodbye to the singerLukas, who was in the band for long 8 years. however the band decided to continue with one vocal (Tomas Hospodka). Victims during their existence played hundreds of concerts not only in the Czech Republic, also had the honor to play with such names as Skinless, Condemned, Mucopus, Wasteform, the Czech scene flashless, Poppy seed grinder, Root, Mincing Fury, Pigsty from Slovak Scene Sanatorium, Eternal Bleeding and Attack of rage.
Victims released several EPs and CDs . Intersting is their last album and EP "Alphage" 2015, which Victims recorded at a friends "Babylon studios" of Tomas Raclavsky (Modern Day Babylon). Victims also have a music video for a song Alpha Energy .Video was filmed in the old abandoned children psychiatric hospital with a dark past. At the beginning of 2016 they planing to kick out the new single ... 

Deathcore for fans of Boris The Blade, Cholera or Sound



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