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GURU _ Nova Lvx [Doom Black Metal - FRA] Digipack


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Ǥứŕū descended upon the Earth in the year MMXX following the encounter of Rudy and Jerry; the former, guitarist; the latter, singer, songwriter, and composer.

Their stylistic peregrinations led them first towards black metal, before veering sharply in the direction of doom.

With both being from western France (Loire-Atlantique and Brittany), they naturally looked for new recruits within these promised lands:

Quentin on drums, Anne-Laure on the bass, followed, two years later, by Simon on the second guitar.

The band thus complete, the quintet, in the year MMXXIII, has consecrated its first revelation, NOVA LVX, under the auspices of Sleeping Church Records.


GURU is…

David Loisel “LVX” : musique & paroles / chant

Rudy Chapuis: guitare

Simon Delizy: guitare

Anne-Laure Deylaud “ISLA” : basse

Quentin Mahé: batterie


Bandcamp : https://sleepingchurchrecords.bandcamp.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gurublackmetal


1.        In The Crimson Smoke

2.        Pilgrim On The Path Of Tears

3.        Bathed In Sunlight

4.        Nova Lux

Recorded and mixed by Eric Hemery, Darkened Studio, Nantes, France

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Blackened Metal

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